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Expert Doc

Contracts, Documents and Billing Management - An ergonomic solution designed to give you back the control over all increasing number of contracts and documents

Main Features


Use templates with custom permision rights that will normlize the look and utility of all documentes.

Automated approval workflows

Automate the routing of documents and shorten cycle times. Enable automated notifications for documents in need of review and approval.

Improve data visibility

Use the data for insight into billings, revenue and renewal status. Store and manage all information about agreements and use the custom reports to make business decisions easier.

Enhanced security

Remove the risks of bulk data leaks, manage sensitive data through permissions control and acces audit logs.

Anywhere access

The solution is available both on premise and on cloud in order to adapt to any business needs.

Dynamic workflows

Any complex workflow of any document through organization can be implemented with dynamic rules that allow branches to be created in a workflow process along with custom approvals.

Stream line extensions and renewals

Easily extend period and update pricing in order to support customer agreements and most important get in time notification and alerts.

ERP integration

Complete ERP integration is possible in order to provide full communication and improve productivity across company for an end-to-end process coverage

Improve data visibility

Use your data for insight into billings, revenue and renewal status. Store and manage all information about agreements.

Document distribution

The second step of going paperless is to use Expert Archive to store all the financial documents produced by all company systems and keep them safe for the legal requested time.

Up to date clauses

Boilerplate clauses or the legal paragraph common to different type of documents are updated in one place for all new documents in order to cut the unnecessary extended legal reviews.

Better collaboration

The exchange of information and the coordination of the employees are improved allowing the perfect document collaboration and business processes throughout the organization.

Communication and compliance

Draft version of documents are exchanged between legal and business departments to ensure that everyone understands them completely and the final version is fully compliant.

Document distribution

Optional, the documents can be distributed electronically to partners in a regulated secured environment, following additional criteria such as traceability and integrity of the documents.

Modern Business Challanges

One of the main challanges of all modern businesses is to manage the all increasing number of documents along with the internal and external flows or the correct billing.


Expert Doc was designed to be a solution for these challanges and be a real help for the following very common business issues:

Manual Billing, business isues
Data loss, content growth, ineffcient routing and trackng, poor iterdepartamental collaboration, low productivity, low security
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