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How To Digitize

01 / Document Transfer Automation

Used by over 3500 Companies, Expert Supplier is the complete B2B automation platform for secure digital communications between commercial partners. 

02 / Complex Validations and Matching

In addition to transferring and translating messages, Expert Supplier adds value to the process by performing any type of validations based on business needs and also matching between data on different documents.

03 / Invoice Settlement

Transferred invoices sometimes have differences on quantities or prices. With the settlement module they can be automatically moderated by any business rules in place and debit or credit notes can be generated and sent without any manual work. 

04 / Electronic Archiving

For future reference or to comply with legal regulations, electronic archiving of the documents is mandatory for a digital company. Saving both time and space, Expert Archive can also be used by your partners, by an external auditor or control with precise and secure access rights.

05 / Secure Data Distribution

Sharing data with many partners is a challenge that can be easily and securely  resolved by Expert Supplier along with full audit on any data read based on access rights.

06 / Master Data Alignment

Automated work flows are as good as the quality of the master data. With this in mind and with more than 11 years of experience, Expert Supplier has the ability to integrate any type of data catalogs with any additional required processing.




Business Users


Messages/last year


Archived messages last year

07 / Any Type of Data Connection 

Expert Supplier is an universal translator for business digital communications. Any kind of computer generated data can be interpreted by the platform and translated into any data format in order to be processed by other systems. It can also be used by companies without integration through its ergonomic web interface.

08 / Data Enrichment

Sometimes, for example, one company can send for orders and price catalogs, but cannot send prices on order lines. With the data enrichment module, any message can be updated with the needed info before being sent to the receiving party.

09 / Reporting

Messages transferred carry information that can be relevant in reports built based on the business needs in order to be use for operational, statistical or decision making purposes. The Expert Supplier's reporting engine gives our partners the overview they need on their business.

10 / B2B Collaboration

The collaboration module is here to replace the slow, nonstandard, inexact, hard to centralize emails. Based on a designed workflow, each party adds its contribution to reach the business collaboration goals in a secured and audited digital environment.

11 / Factoring

The cash flow is the heart of a company and sometimes payment terms can affect development plans or other due payments. For this reason, factoring the invoices on short term is the needed boost of a growing company to accelerate their business.

12 / RO e-Factura / RO e-Transport

All B2G invoices and some B2B invoices for selected product categories in Romania are requested by the fiscal authorities to be send in electronic form to the national registry. The newest Expert Supplier module will help any company to send and receive invoices from the RO e-Factura system.

Expert Supplier is a new generation modular platform designed to make digitization simple. It has native secured B2B data communication available and it is a solution for:

More Features

Connecting Expert Supplier to other Expert Software platforms is another big step towards completing business digitization
13 / MyOrder - B2B Ordering Platform

In a harsh work force environment MyOrder is the online sales force automation platform designed to move some of the effort back to the clients. Without affecting the agents' tasks, MyOrder completes their sales effort by offering clients an ergonomic online ordering platform with a complex price and bonus calculation module based on the location, bundle value, order value and more. Fully customizable on any sales strategy, MyOrder is the platform that adds to a distribution business  the online sales advantage. 

14 / Document and Billing Manager

Expert Doc is an ergonomic solution designed to give you back the control over all increasing number of contracts and documents. With dynamic workflows and an optional anywhere access, it is designed to give your company a better internal and external collaboration, an improved data visibility, legal compliance by using the latest approved templates, up to date clauses, expiry alerts all in a secured and audited digital environment.

15 / Procure to Pay

Acquisition chains are going digital with Expert Procurement, a solution that features process automation, end to end visibility, complex approval flows, supplier relationship management, beautiful user experience, fully customizable on business needs, reports and analytics.

16 / Business Process Automation

General business process automation is available using Expert Suite, a framework designed for great user experience, flexibility and scalability.

About us

the "Why"

"I’ve discovered my passion for computers and programming from an early age and with this drive I’ve started my own company in 2003 where I’ve surrounded myself with people like me, who breathe algorithms, technology, programming and share my vision of delivering quality IT services and solutions."

Catalin Costache CEO Expert Software

the "How"

Challenges working on complex solutions can be overcome with mature and powerful technology. Overlaying our fast and total configurable micro transactional framework over technologies like Angular, Symfony, Oracle combined with years of expertise in retail, pharma and automotive industries is How we make the magic happen.

the "What"

Engineering secure and powerful systems designed to give our partners a competitive advantage is our vision and we take pride in our contribution to their success.

The products and services that we deliver are What really defines Expert Software and makes us walk tall on our own path.



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